Explore: Science for Sustainability

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Moving towards a more circular economy is believed to have the potential to deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth, and creating jobs. 

The Explore: Science for Sustainability webinar series offers an opportunity for companies across sectors to access the latest research and expertise at the University of Edinburgh in areas such as engineered, synthetic and systems biology; metal recovery, industrial scale-up, and waste management; as well as sustainable chemistry, plastics and bioinformatics.

Our Explore webpage with more information is currently not available but please find access to any past webinars below.



Webinar 1

Title: Sustainable Chemistry using Engineered Biology,

Speakers: Dr Stephen Wallace and Dr Jude Huggan

Webinar 2

Title: Sustainable Metal Recycling

Speakers: Prof Louise Horsfall and Prof Jason B. Love with SEM Energy

Webinar 3

Title: Low-cost Open-source Automation Tools Applied to Diagnostics and the Design of Microbial Cell Factories

Speaker: Dr Leonardo Rios

Webinar 4

Title: Formulating Physics: Clarifying Complexity

Speakers: Prof Wilson Poon and Dr Daniel Hodgson

Webinar 5

Title: Waste to Wealth: Opportunities for Sustainability across the Lifecycle of Plastics

Speakers: Dr Jenni Garden and Dr Joanna Sadler 

Webinar 6

Title: Exploring Biomaterials

Speakers: Prof Lynne Regan, Dr Davide Michieletto, and Prof Chris French

Webinar 7

Title: High Throughput Approaches to Engineering Biology 

Speakers: Professor Susan Rosser and Dr Rennos Fragkoudis

Webinar 8

Title: Using Biology for Industrial Processes in Space

Speaker: Professor Charles Cockell

Webinar 9

Title: Role of Infrastructure Circular Economy towards Net Zero Sustainability

Speaker: Professor Sean Smith

Webinar 10

Title: Timber as a building material

Speakers: Professor Luke Bisby and Dr Tom Reynolds

Webinar 11

Title: Battery life monitoring

Speaker: Professor Goncalo dos Reis

Webinar 12 - Recording available soon!

Title: Drawing on our research and innovation expertise to accelerate the transition to a circular economy 

Speakers: Charlotte Lee-Woolf and Lucy Stanfield-Jenner


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